Asset Tracking

Our solutions enable you to quickly and efficiently begin asset tracking in your manufacturing, distribution or services-based environments. Not in a matter of months, but in a matter of days.


Proximity Marketing

Our proximity marketing solutions enable contextually-aware mobile marketing experiences in a cost-effective and technology-lea ding solution. This same infrastructure also enables indoor location-based services.

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IoT Ecosystem Management

Bluvision's cloud and SaaS-based tools provide you with complete real-time control and access to your enterprise-scale IoT ecos ystem.

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Sensors & Beacons

Our BLE beacons and sensors are enterprise grade, have long battery life and unparalleled range. They are cross platform compat ible and support Eddystone, iBeacon and iBEEK protocols. Click here to learn more.  unsharpen


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The Bluvision Difference

  • Powerful cloud capabilities.
  • Industry-leading sensor beacons.
  • Exclusive gateway solutions.

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